Curtain Tie Backs - 6

All about curtain tie backs

Curtain tie backs are very nice moment when you are sitting in your living room, and there is a gentle summer breeze blowing. You need to move your curtains aside and enjoy it all, the one thing that enables you to do so is your tie backs. They are little ribbons or robes sewed to your curtains, where you can gather the curtain and ties it with them. Then you can hang the curtain on the side of the window, but you are going to need holdbacks for that.


There is no much fuss about the design of curtain tie backs, as it is simply a single strand of something to tie the curtain with. The greatest thing is that you make a big deal out of it, there can be many designs if you want it to look good. You can use a piece of cloth from the same color of the curtain or a match to it, you can also use a decorative rope or a piece of elastic material. Some people use silk ribbons in the same color as the curtain as a tie back, anything goes as long as it will do the job.


Many materials can be used to make curtain tie backs starting from cloth, rubber, robes and even plastic. Every material has its own utilization, especially in the decorative aspect. The most commonly used material is cloth, as many people prefer to have the tie back from the same fabric and color as the curtain. Any other material will have the option to change the color, in this case you have to pick a color that matches the colors of both the curtain and the wall.


It is very easy to choose curtain tie backs, as in most cases they come as a set with the curtains and the holdbacks. But if you are buying them individually, you have to make sure that you get matching tie backs. They have to match both the curtain and the holdbacks, as well as the wall behind them all.

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