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Valances Window Treatments - 2

There are different shapes and styles of valancValances Window Treatments - 3 es window treatments. One can opt for valances that are made of fabric while others have wooden boards that take the place of valances which are hung on the top portion of a window. The strip of fabric that covers the top one sixth portion of a window or drapes elegantly over a window top is known as swag. There are balloon valances as well that are designed in a puffed manner to overhang windows.Valances Window Treatments - 4

Basic Valance Styles

When you are looking at the different valances window treatments and styles, the basic unlined option is the cheapest form of window treatment that one can opt for. The unlined valance looks great when opted for out of printed fabrics. These range from heavy velvet to cotton aValances Window Treatments - 5nd other lightweight fabrics. These are usually hung across windows or paired with long curtains as well. Some valances are sold as a set with long curtains.

Decorative Valance Styles

If you are looking at decorative styles among the valances window treatments, these come in the balloon forms or thBest Valances Window Treatments all about valances windowe puffed up forms. These consist of tubes of fabric that have stuffing of newspaper or tissue paper. These stand out and take on different shapes. These can be used with café curtains as well and work best on small windows.

Other Options Among Valance Styles

The decorative styles can be several amValances Window Treatments striped window treatment valancesong valances window treatments. A unique option is scarf valances. These are usually pleated fabric pieces that drape down or cover the top portions of windows. The scarves are held in place by hooks or sconces. These have tails that fall on either side. Swag treatment is usually applied to scarf valances. Here the valInterior Valances Window Treatments adding color and patternance fabric is draped along poles that are placed on top of windows. The swag style adds a formal look to valance treated windows. The pelmets, cornices and other top portions of windows usually need these fabric covers in order to bring about a distinct look and style to the windows. They form an essential style for the long curtains as well.

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