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An overview of futon beds

As traditional Japanese bedding, a futon has paFutonbett - 2 dded mattresses and thick quilted bedcover. A futon can be said to be a mattress comprising of a fabric exterior that is stuffed with synthetic batting, wool or cotton that makes up a traditional Japanese bed. In Japan, futons are sold in departmental stores or special places known as futon’ya. They are sold in a set of blankets, a pillow, and futon mattress.

Traditionally, futons are desFutonbett - 3igned in such a way that they can be placed on the flooring and folded away during the day to give flexibility in the room’s usage during the day. Futons should be regularly aired in the sunlight to avoid matting of the padding.

Futon, Karup

This is a modern futon that is beautifully framed by tuFutonbett - 4rned legs. It has an option of six distinct headboards that are printed using stylish motifs. It has a black solid bed frame. The headboard of the bed is 70 cm; it also has a ground clearance of 15.5 cm and a 30 cm frame height. The lying height of basic futons is 33 cm; luxury futons are 36 cm and for comfort futon the lying height is 36 cm.

Asian Futon Beds

Asian futon beds are visually appealing and noble as opposed to the other bed versions. In Japanese, futon translates to a place of sleep which originally comprises of two parts: such as a blanket and a sleeping bag for lying on the floor. Most futon beds feature roll rust that provides additional storage space.

Width of futon beds

Another aspect that is very important to consider in futon beds is the size. The most common size of most futon beds goes up to 180 cm that is a convenient size even for two people. It is advised that you choose the most suitable model and size for your personal living space.

Therefore, it is clear that futon beds are the most popular beds in Japan and other parts of Asia. However, when choosing a futon bed from the store or even online, always consider the size that fits your needs. The futon bed should be not only attractive and affordable but also durable.

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