Baby Cribs - 2

Beds for your baby

Origin & History:

These baby Baby Cribs - 2 beds are result of very recent developments in the sphere of baby furniture. The cribs are used mostly in countries which are under the influence of modernization where the parents provide the child with individual bed than sharing one with him/her.


The cribs are very useful in taking care of the child as they have a feature of restricting the movement of the child as theBaby Cribs - 3y have a cage like design and the child below 2 years of age can be put in and this without any fear of him tripping over. They are used to contain a child in the restricted environment once the child is able stand on his own. Parents move away from the bassinet and start using a crib once the baby starts weighing moreBaby Cribs - 4 than 10 kg and it becomes unsafe as the child can cause huge strain on the crib.


These days the cribs market has grown tremendously and along with it the market of crib accessories. The parents have huge number of accessories to choose from for their kid’s crib. The most common are Baby Cribs - 5the cushion (also known as bumpers) which are used to provide the child extra comfort and increase the safety.

Other than this many cribs also have added toys attached to them so that the child remains busy. These day you also find many child monitors to keep a watch on the child and inform the parents when the Cozy Bunk Beds For Little Girls 25+ best ideas aboutchild is awake.


Generally the cribs are stationary but you find many variations in which they are portable (folding infant beds).Convertible cribs are the talk of the town these days which have an option of converting into standard sized beds once the child grows, the reason behind the popularity being the increase in the useful life of the furniture.


The cribs are considered safer than low side beds as it was found that once the child is able to stand up on his own then he may trip over a low side bed. Leaving this aside they also provide a restricted and controlled environment.

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