Blue Carpet - 1

Blue carpet is the new fashion

The Blue Carpet has become the new center of atBlue Carpet - 2 traction as a piece of Public Art in Newcastle, England. The blue carpet is primarily designed by Thomas Heather wick. The artwork signifies itself much closer to an urban design feature rather than a magnificent piece of art. The blue carpet is actually a square piece of tiles shaded in deep blue color occupying a public space in front of the Laing Art Gallery closer to the public shopping centerBlue Carpet - 4s and nightclubs. This vibrant and versatile piece of art is a square covered in a skin of blue paving marble stone slabs which has been crafted by mixing blue glass crushed together with resin to make the perfect combination of the blue carpet.

At the endpoints of this carpet, where it reaches to any building oBlue Carpet - 5r a sitting bench, the design is painted in such a way that they appear to curve outside leaving an impression that the tiles are a fabric laid over the whole area. Beneath the nearby benches are the sunken glass topped containers that contain colorful lights.

Decorating with Blue:

Since this trendBlue Carpet - 6 has appeared in public, many local people have picked up the trend of decorating their homes with a blue carpet regardless of the shade of blue that is being used. Ever since the appearance of blue carpet in the public, the sales of the blue carpet has arose to a high demand all across England. People have started decBlue Indoor Outdoor Carpet indoor/outdoor carpet with rubberorating their homes with different shades of blue mixing them with neutral and dark colors in their rooms so as to give a sophisticated look. Many have used deeper tanned and taupe accent shades in furniture to match the shade of blue carpets in their homes.

Design Trend:

The blue Carpet design treStunning Blue Indoor Outdoor Carpet 6u0027x12u0027 - bright bluend has hit the carpet market aggressively. Forcing the carpet manufacturers to produce blue carpets in abundance has led a huge production of blue carpets with different contemporary and modern designs of all sorts. As a result, the blue carpet has now been in fashion for a few years up to date.

Current Status:

This master piece of art named as the blue carpet was completed in 2001, costing about 1.4 million pounds. The work was partially funded by Arts Lottery Fund and European regional development fund to craft artwork in Newcastle and neighboring places. The blue color has been fading ever since its making mixed with the deep gray color of the tiles themselves. It has become a topic of debate ever since it has been used by skateboarders as ramps.

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