Carpeting on stairs

Stair Carpet - 1

Staircases have made a comeback in popularity iStair Carpet - 2 n the interior design and décor, generally being featured in the good home guides and shows about interior styles.

Stripped carpeting on stairs

A staircase is not only a functional element to consider of a house which takes you from one place to another. In fact, mutating a staircase into an aspect using the strips has become very popular in the past few years.

Why arStair Carpet - 4e stripes taking supremacy on staircase all over the world and how should you use them in your house?

Why stripes?

In case you are suggested in about trend, you will know that putting on vertical stripes gives the height illusion- and they have the same effect on your staircase. The vertical stripStair Carpet - 6e gives and illusion of space by lengthening your stairs. The way how your house looks can have a major impact on how it feels. That is why; stripes can actually help in making your home feel open and airy.

Busy stripes are wonderful to conceal all the wear and tear and dirt and make it the ideal selection of paCool White Bunk Beds With Stairs ne kids school housetterned carpet for areas of high traffic like your staircase.

Which stripes to go for?

The staircase and hallway are generally the first features that the guests come across. So, it is important that these areas leave a good impression on them. In case the hallway carpet is a neural color like beiHome Decor White Bunk Beds With Stairs discovery world furniture whitege or off-white, then you must go for brighter stripes. They make a strikingly bright fashion statement and instantly draw attention.

White, grey and black stripes on the staircase look astonishing next to a cream or plain white carpet and give your house a modern look. Variety of widths style up the look and giElegant White Bunk Beds With Stairs ne kids school houseve your house a bit of an edge as well.

Staircase as the focal point of the house

In case you wish to make the staircase the focal point of your house, attention-grabbing hussy and floozy colored stripes infused between more intermediate colors are ideal.

So, get striped carpets because they don’t only gives your staircase an elongated look, but also add character to your house and showcase your bold fashion choices!

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