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Chaise Longue - 6

A chaise is an upholstered couch in the form ofChaise Longue - 2 a chair that is extended enough to support the legs. The chaise at home gives an elegant look, style, comfort and available with profusion of function with more options in style and types.

History of Chaise Lounges

Chaise Lounge is a blend of a day bed and a chair and popularized in France during 16th century. During the 20th century period the chaise lounge is available in vChaise Longue - 3arious models and materials. The indoor Chaise Lounges are decorated with cushion and comfort fabrics while the outdoor lounge are made in plastic, iron and aluminum materials.

Types of Chaise Lounges

The model, the level of soothes and the quality of the chaise lounge will depends on the customerâChaise Longue - 5€™s budget. High quality lounges offers prolonged use and need minimum maintenance work. Mid-valued chaise lounges grants longer use but with a compromise in maintenance. Low quality chaise lounges provides fewer durability and lasts up to two years.

Wood chaise lounge – This type of lounges is madeChaise Longue - 6 with high quality timbers and gives perfect look and has more durability.

Plastic chaise lounge – These types of chaise lounges are available in minimum budget and needs minimal maintenance as it is made up of plastic material and prolonged exposure to sun might leads to fading in color but it is long lasting.

Wrought iron chaise lounge – The production materials of this lounge are iron and hence it may exposure to rust. This chaise lounges can be sanded and redecorated by using a rust resistance high quality primer.

Aluminum chaise lounge – This type of chaise lounge is made with aluminum alloy and provides mid rang look. This type of lounges needs scrubbing to retain smooth finish.

Wicker Chaise Lounge – Wicker Chaise Lounge provides natural look and it is highly prone to toadstool which leads to quick brittle of the lounge. It should be protected from surplus moisture and excessive temperature.

Benefits of Chaise Lounges

The chaise lounges are ideal for Reading, perfect for Relaxing, Great for Napping and provides Stylish additional Seating for Outdoors.

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