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Everything about curtain wonderland

Curtain wonderland is one of the most successfuCurtain Wonderland - 3 l businesses in Australia, it has proven quality of products and services. The store is specialized in decoration and household essentials like: curtains, cushions, quilts and much more. The success that this franchise has did not come from nothing, customers have put their trust in the products due to its high quality. There is also the matter of professional customer service, which is a key factCurtain Wonderland - 6or in the success of any business anywhere in the world.

History 101

The curtain wonderland started in 1971, when Neville Russell and Pam Tacey opened the first shop in Brisbane. The main focus was on furniture fabrics, which was sold at the price of 99 cents per meter back then. With a great attitStylish Shower Curtain Extra Long j. queen new yorkude and marvelous products, the store managed to expand continuously. These qualities not only did assure their place in the market, but also led them to be a part of Kresta Holdings Limited; one of the largest window coverings company in Australia now.


The shop provides a wide variety of products that concerns every household, there is almost nothing that you might need to furnish your house and it is not there. The curtain wonderland’s success is not only based on the variety, but on the quality as well. Some of the products you will find there include: curtains, blinds, cushions and quilts. All proStunning Shower Curtain Extra Long morocco 72-inch x 96-inchducts have proven great quality over the years, and all the customers are giving great feedback and recommendations about all the products. All the stores alongside the online store are having many customers every day, and that is a great proof of their quality.

Online Store

Curtain wonderland has a greatInspiration Shower Curtain Extra Long greta 72-inch x 84-inch online store, which is well organized and has a wonderful design. On the home page you can find the latest offers scrolling automatically, and there is also a bar on top of the screen with the categories of products. The website also supports electronic payments over the internet, and they offer great deals on shipping fees. The online store is a continuum of the success that the company has, and it will always be a great addition.

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