Explore the different scatter cushions

Scatter Cushions - 4

Scatter cushions are small cushions which are sScatter Cushions - 2 pecially designed to enhance the décor of the house. They can be scattered on the sofa and can be used as and when required. They can be placed anywhere on the sofa, armchair etc.

Types of scattered cushions

 Square cushions: It is a common style which can be found in most homes. One can choose from different fabric and designs add attraction to the sofa. Digital print or Scatter Cushions - 3embroidered cushion covers looks great on these cushions.

 Bordered cushions: They have thick borders either on the sides or middle of the cushion giving it a photo frame kind of look.

 Round cushions: They are difficult to construct and also to retain the shape. Welts are used to give some height tScatter Cushions - 4o the cushions.

 Bolster cushions: They can be of any shape and size. They are more trendy and classy.

 Box cushions: They are matching back cushions or seats on the sofas.

Cushion inserts are very important to make the cushion soft and comfy. There are many popular items that are used as cusScatter Cushions - 5hion inserts. Some of them are as follows

Types of scatter cushion inserts:

 Down and feather: They are quite expensive and not much variety is available. Ducks and geese feathers are used as inserts that provide absolute softness and comfort to the user. They are very flexible and can be used tGarden Furniture Cushions does not applyo make any type of scattered cushion.

 Foam: It is the most common and preferred insert for cushion. They are more durable than feather and are available in different varieties. They are less expensive and are washable.

 Polyester: They are a bit expensive but are lot more elastic than foam. PolyestGarden Furniture Cushions pallet-seating-garden-furniture-diy-trendy-foam-cushions-er scattered cushions are known for their softness. They are the best option for scattered cushions for one who is budget friendly.

Tips for buying scatter cushions

• Always check if the cushion includes cushion pad.

• The quality of the cushion pad matters for comfort as well as to ensure that it looks plump and usable for years together.

• Consider the purpose of the scatter cushion and then accordingly select the design and material for it.

• Decide what will be the focus point of the scattered cushion. Know about what impact the scattered cushion will create while placing it on a particular place.

• Use contrasting colors to create a nice visual effect.

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