Frieze carpets – the trendy carpets in style

Frieze Carpet - 3

Carpet adds uniqueness and style to the room. WFrieze Carpet - 2 ith so many designs, colors and patterns to choose from, there’s one for everyone’s budget. They provide comfort to your feet. Carpet flooring is safe for small kids and elderly people of the house.

Popular styles of carpet

Berber carpet: It is a hand woven carpet with loop pile. They are cost effective, durable and are popular for spaces like offices and hotelsFrieze Carpet - 3.

Frieze carpet: Frieze carpets hide foot prints and vacuum cleaner marks. They are very popular and bestselling carpets in today’s time.

Plush carpet: They are ideal for living rooms, bedrooms, family rooms etc. They give a velvety texture and are very soft to the feet.

Frieze Carpet - 6 Textured carpet: It gives a textured appearance which is suitable for homes with kids and pets. They can be used for commercial or residential flooring

Commercial carpet: They are used at commercial spaces with hard surfaces. Different styles of commercial carpets are available as per the busiNew French Style Bedroom Furniture french bedroom furniture rvhjfksness needs.

Outdoor carpet: They can be used outdoor. These carpets are weather resistance and can be cleaned easily. They are stain and spill resistant too.

Advantages of Frieze carpets:

Durability: Frieze carpets have high durability. They are constructed in a unique French Style Bedroom Furniture french design bedroom furniture modern french style bedroom kpmjreeway that adds to the durability of the carpets. The fibers are twisted tightly many times to give it a more strength and last longer.

Trendy: It is modern shag which is considered to be a trendy carpet today. It provides incredible comfort, luxurious style and sophisticated elegance to the house. FrieElegant French Style Bedroom Furniture 22 classic french decorating ideas for elegant modern jbyciouze carpets are the latest in the fashion.

Insulating: The frieze carpets have a good thickness and hence acts as an ideal insulator. It reduces the noise and sound and also keeps the house warm.

Hides dirt: They hide dirt and don’t show them as the other carpets. It also hides foot prints and vacuum marks on the carpets.

Disadvantages of frieze carpets:

Expensive: Frieze carpets are very high on budget. People with tight budget cannot afford a frieze carpet.

Inconsistency: It is important to check the thickness, weight and fiber of the carpets. There are many low quality frieze carpets also available which will not serve the purpose.

Cleaning: Frieze carpets require special cleaning and care. One cannot use harsh vacuum brush on them nor can any chemicals be used.

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