Get your own nature at home version with fur blankets

Get your own nature at home version with fur blankets

Fur blankets

As the name suggests fur blankets are made of fur obtained from animals. In primitive times, people used to wear and cover themselves with fur and skin of from animals. Till date, some people still like adding a dash of nature to their homes and opt for fur blankets. Real fur blankets and products had controversies surrounded to them due to ethical considerations towards animal protection. The industry of fur is maintained by using animals present in abundance in nature. There are other options available to fur which include faux fur and gives almost similar feel and look. But, for some people fake or faux never works.

Benefits of Fur blankets

There are some benefits of using fur blankets like:

– The most cozy and comfortable material known. This is a natural material which provides great warmth than any other man made materials

– Being natural, disposing off can lead to no harm to the nature when it decomposes or degrades, unlike other artificial materials

– It gives a classic and vintage look to your home

– Suites to the majority of the home décor

How are fur blankets made?

Fur blankets are made from the fur from best kind of animals who dwell in northern climatic regions. These animals have a fur which is thick and provide more warmth. The fur from these animals is taken after the end of the winter as that time provides the warmest coats. The fur is then stretched and sent to tanners for getting shiny and soft fur. Proper matching and selecting of skin color, textures and softness is considered and patterns are designed to make blankets from the fur.

Quality of fur

Qualities of fur is obtained from animals who are primed through winter seasons. During summer, the skin and fur of the animals are usually very thin and cannot provide much warmth. They also lack the shine, softness which one needs to make a fur blanket. It is always good to follow the regions regulated seasons set by the wildlife agencies for obtaining fur from animals.

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