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Hollywood bed frames versus wooden frames


Bed frameSuper King Size Bed With Mattress beliani super king size s are the very first thing everyone considers installing when they shift into a new home. Because, it forms the base of the bed and determines the quality of sleep you will have. For those of you with rich taste and lots of bedding requirements, a heavy duty frame is a must as a support system, while some prefer adjustable yet sturdy bed frames. Hollywood is the company that first built such frameStunning Super King Size Bed With Mattress super king size beds for beds, and has become a brand name for the product everywhere.

Hollywood Bed Frame


The Hollywood bed frame is a metal frame made to fit a box spring and mattresses along with a detachable heaSuper King Size Bed With Mattress crushed velvet divan beddboard and footboard. The headboard and footboard attachments are optional. The frames are equipped with wheels at the bottom to help with their movement around the house. They are made to be very sturdy, durable, safe and able to sustain heavy weight and hence are undoubtedly more secure than wooden bed frames. Most fSuper King Size Bed With Mattress prado black brown singlerames are adjustable into different types of beds such as a queen or king bed, or twin beds, or a full bed. The frames support a box spring on which the mattress is placed.


1. Hollywood bed frames are longer lasting than wooden frames, more durable and remain firm evenSuper King Size Bed With Mattress image of: king size with heavy weighing mattresses.

2. Hollywood frames do not need the special attention, care and protection that wooden frames do to keep them dry and away from moisture and dampness.

3. As they are made up of metal framework, there are no worries of them being infested with bed bugs and termites, like thCool Super King Size Bed With Mattress source : duvalay.co.uk. elizabetheir counterparts that rot over time due to infestations.

4. The steel framework of Hollywood bed frame gives enhanced support to all kinds of mattresses, and is less likely to deform with pressure over wooden frames.

5. Hollywood frames are much more flexible in terms of changing the height, width and length of the beds.

6. They are comparatively easier to transport and very easy to assemble.

7. Lastly, Hollywood frames are much more cost effective than wooden frames.


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