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How can curtains change the look of your house

Curtains are no longer just fabric hung on the windows to stop light from entering the space, or to give some privacy. With changing times, they have evolved a lot and have become a prerequisite in home decor. You can simply spruce up the dullest of windows with the use of some colorful drapes. With the kind of variety in drapes, one can easily find the one which suits the color scheme of the house without burning a hole in the pocket.

Give Your House A Quick, Easy And Affordable Makeover

Most people like to spruce up their house by adding or changing furniture. While changing furniture can be a little expensive, buying new curtains on the other hand is an affordable way of changing the look of the surroundings. There is a plethora of colors to choose from; one can choose from pastel shades, such as peach, pink, light blue, pistachio green, beige, to darker and more royal shades like brown, maroon, royal blue, dark green, etc. Just make sure to buy something which easily blends with the interiors of the house and does not look too stark.

Choosing The Right Material

There are a number of materials which are used to make curtains. While cotton, polyester, and other synthetic fabrics are used on an everyday basis, the silk and satin ones are put up on occasions. Also those who like classic and traditional home decor prefer using expensive and rich fabrics, to provide the home with a royal feel; those who like simple and contemporary furniture often opting for lighter fabrics in pretty prints to add some dimension to the windows.

You Can Experiment With Them

If you further want to add some more dimensions, you can get scalloped curtains on the top to make the setup look regal. There are many stitching patterns when it comes to drapes, so you can choose between pencil pleated ones, or ones with eyelet headings; tabletop heading and box pleated headings are also very popular. The reason that they are not very expensive can allow you to make different sets of drapes for different times of the year; darker colors look nice in winters and festivities, while lighter colors look pristine in summers.


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