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Maintain bathroom hygiene with heated towel racks

Heated towel racks has received lots of attention in today’s time. These heated towel racks were earlier only seen in high end hotels, but is now an essential component of bathroom fixtures in most of the home bathrooms. These heated towel racks can be very beneficial for your bathroom. These heated towel racks help you in maintaining dry and warm towels all around the season and avoiding the humid and damp feel of the towels. They are great in winters, as the worse thing that can happen during winters is getting wrapped in a cold towel after a hot refreshing bath. This has become an essential component in the modern day bathrooms. These heated towel racks also help in maintaining the hygiene of the bathroom.

Types of Heated towel racks

There are majorly two kinds of heated towel racks available, they are:
– WET or the Wet Element Technology: This type of towel racks contain rails which are filled with fluid that get heated up. This resembles a geyser or a hot water kettle which heats up when the fluid or water in these cases get heated. The wet heated towel racks can keep the rails hot till an hours time.

– DET or Dry element Technology: This type of towel racks quickly attain the hot state, usually under 10-15 minutes. These units contain special heating wires which get heated when the electric current is turned on. These wires are installed inside the tubes which get heated. This is also helpful in saving energy due to its rapid heating feature.

Benefits of using Heating towel racks in your bathrooms

There are many benefits of installing a heating towel rack in your bathroom, which include:

– Great usage of extra space in the bathroom

– Helps in keeping a warm and cozy space in your bathroom

– Provides you with a warm and cozy towels in the winter times, when you need them the most.

– Helps you in maintaining the hygiene of your bathroom

– Saves energy with DET option of heating towel racks

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