Wool Carpet - 3

Natural carpet

Carpet is a fabric that covers the floor and itWool Carpet - 3 is made up of synthetic, fiber or natural substance.
The exterior of the carpet is called the pile with a style of loop, cut or both. Variety of supporting system are obtainable to stabilize the artifact depends up on the end use. Carpet provides immense worth by combining the factors like beauty, security, comfort, sound absorption, etc.

Wool Carpet

A warm home is very endeaWool Carpet - 4ring during cool days. The wool carpet will do this job. The Wool fibers are collection of protein keratin and arrive from the swindle of sheep. The weight of the swindle varies from 4 – 6 kg. The wool yarn is turned into carpet by weaving or tufting technique. The wool carpet undergoes various level of test to assurWool Carpet - 5e the suitability for heavy traffic load. Sometimes carpets combine the benefits of polyamide and wool to get the advantages of both the fibers. The wool retains approximately 15 % of water and sometimes emits electrostatic shocks. To make quality wool carpet the size of the wool should be 30 – 40 microns in diameterWool Carpet - 6 and the length varies from 75 – 120 mm. The wool fiber is having wavy structure that retains air and provides resilient effect.

Benefits of wool Carpet

Wool is having the ability to control the humidity by absorbing the excess moisture in the atmosphere and makes the atmosphere dry. ResearchersChic Brown Indoor Outdoor Carpet 18-in x 18-in restoration brown indoor/outdoor carpet tile agvreja have shown that the wool carpet reduces the energy cost, both cooling and heating up to 12 %.

• Regarding the safety wool carpet provides more safety than heaters because wool is

• Wool is difficult to ignite and simple to extinguish and hence provide more safety than a heater.

• Wool carpetTrendy Brown Indoor Outdoor Carpet indoor outdoor carpet adhesive oxygojh last for longer and it accepts variety of colors while hiding soils.

• Wool is a renewable source and hence it is eco friendly.

• Wool is more flexible and quickly recover foot fall thus maintain its texture.

• Wool absorbs odor.

Unfavorable qualities of wool carpet

• It is very expensive when compared to other fabrics.

• It is allergic to chlorine bleach and hence dissolves.

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