Queen Loft Bed - 4

Queen lofted bed – save space

If you have moved in a new apartment or you areQueen Loft Bed - 2 looking for some extra place to sleep and are not finding anything, queen loft bed is the solution to all your problems. Queen loft bed allows you to save space and makes your room looker bigger. These beds are too much popular nowadays especially in college hostels.

Benefits of queen lofted bed:

Loft beds allow you to make full use of your small sized bedroom. These beds allQueen Loft Bed - 4ow you to open up more flooring. The floor under this bed can be used for variety of different purposes. You can use this space as a play area or you can place a desk. You can also use this area to place the computer of your kids. You can also install seating, lamp, library and many other things as you want. The bed alQueen Loft Bed - 5so provides you a lot of storage space. If you don’t need a playing area or working place, you can make it a storage area. This storage area is very valuable and it

allows you to store your things without being worried of consuming extra space. You can go for a lofted bed with drawers or shelves if you need soQueen Loft Bed - 6me extra space for storage. You can also add an extra bed under this one to add more sleeping space. There are so many other benefits of using queen lofted bed.


Queen lofted beds are available at most of the furniture shops. These beds are available in different sizes, colors, designsPlatform Storage Bed Queen henderson queen platform storage and shapes. You can go for any size and shape according to your requirement. Go for a color that is according to the theme of the room to make a best combination. Many of the online stores are also offering a huge variety of queen lofted beds.

Customized lofted bed:

Although queen lofted beds are Platform Storage Bed Queen image of: platform storageavailable in different sizes and shapes. Another thing you can do is making a customized lofted bed. You will need the following things for this purpose.

– Saw

– Hammer

– Wrench

– Mattress

– Sheet of plywood

– Carriage bolts

– Nuts and screws

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