Quilt Pattern - 4

Quilt pattern designs

Quilt pattern is the shields that protect is from cold weather, they give us the warmth we need in winter or even if you are afraid of something. There are a lot of ready-made quilts all over the markets, but a handmade quilt is very personal and involves a lot of memories. Besides, you know for sure that it was made with so much care; and was made especially for you. Handmade quilts are usually made of wool, whether it is made as a whole or by sewing multiple patches as patterned quilt.


MaterialsAs we said, quilts are usually made of wool to maximize the warmth. It does not mean that other materials are prohibited, you can use anything you like to make a quilt pattern. Cloth is a very good option, especially if you are making a quilt to use as a cover when you are napping on your couch. Sometimes people use double layers to create the quilt, like using wool for the lower layer and cloth or lather for the top one. Anything goes, as long as you know what you are doing.



The quilt is usually a rectangular or a square cut, which is the standard of all quilts. When you create a quilt pattern, it is easier to manipulate the rules. You can make it circular or oval or any other shape, there is also nothing to tie your hands up concerning colors or anything else. Go with your instinct and create whatever you like, it will be better than any ready-made quilt. After finishing your handmade quilt, you can put a large picture or pattern or even a slogan on the center of it; this will give it a more unique look.

Intimacy And Warmth

There is nothing more intimate than gifting with handmade items, imagine if these items are meant to give you warmth on cold nights like a good quilt with a good quilt pattern on it. The gesture itself is very romantic and intimate, whether from an elder person to a younger one or vice versa. Also imagine how it feels when a husband gives it to his wife or the other way around, great feeling.

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