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Shaw carpets – the best carpet brand

Shaw carpets have a reputation in the carpet industry. They are well known carpet manufacturers and have a good stand in the market. They manufacture different carpets ranging from high quality to reasonable quality. Shaw carpets are known for their quality, innovation and pricing.

Benefits of Shaw carpets

Reputation: Shaw carpets have a good name in the market. Hey have a brand name and are known for their quality carpets.

Professional team: They have an expert and professional team of manufacturers and associates who continuously strive to produce new and innovative carpets o meet the needs of their clients.

Discounts: Shaw offers great discounts on all its products. Their carpets are very reasonably charged.

They are value for money.

What are the benefits of carpets?

 Carpets provides warmth and comfort

 They add style and beauty to the house

 Carpets are strong and soft

 They add attraction and elegance to the house.

 They reduce noise and saves energy

 Carpets improves air quality in the house

Types of carpet textures

Plush carpet: It is the softest carpet among all others. They provide excellent comfort and thickness. They can be used in any of the room’s especially formal rooms in the house.

Textured carpet: They are very smooth and versatile type of carpet. Textured carpets are very soft and are suitable for both casual and formal rooms.

Berber carpets: They are modern style of carpets which are now in demand. The loop designs of the carpet looks very attractive. They are suitable for offices and schools. They are durable and very affordable.

Commercial loop carpet: Commercial loop carpets are durable and long lasting. They are normally not preferred for residents but can be used extensively at offices and other commercial areas.

How to clean a carpet:

Maintain a cleaning schedule of the carpet. The carpet should be completely cleaned every 12 – 18 months. Proper cleaning method should be adopted.

Hot water extraction or steam cleaning is the best method to clean the carpet. Shaw recommends this for cleaning the carpet as it is the most effective way of cleaning the carpets.

Take the help of professional cleaners to clean the carpet and maintain its life.
Use stain removers to remove stain and spills on the carpets.

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