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Sisal carpet – a gift from nature

Sisal carpet can be called as a natural carpet Sisal Carpet - 2 as it is made up of the leaves of Agave plant. Sisal is one of the most durable carpets and due to this they are mostly used in large traffic areas. They can be used for several purposes in several shapes and forms. Sisal carpets are gaining popularity day by day and people are simply living them.

Sisal is being used for carpeting since centuries. Sisal is basically a plant with long, sharpSisal Carpet - 3 and spiky leaves. Sisal is expensive and it is not liquid resistant. Even a drop of any liquid will damage it. An alternative of natural sisal is synthetic sisal. This can be a bit less expensive. Apart from carpeting they are being used for variety of other purposes as well.

Designs and styles:

SSisal Carpet - 4isal carpets are available in different designs and styles. They are becoming very stylish in major parts of the world especially in higher end homes. Sisal carpets are being loved by the people because these carpets have an earthy tone, they have a natural feel and they hold less allergen. Sisal carpets are extremely durable and they are one of the best choices if you want to hide dirt or stains.


Sisal carpet has many advantages. First of all it is eco friendly as it is natural. Secondly it is naturally dirt resistant. It doesn’t trap dust or allergens. It is durable and best for high traffic areaBest Mohawk Commercial Carpet mohawk commercial carpet tiles. It doesn’t builds up static electricity. Sisal carpets are neutrally colored and they absorb sounds better than any other carpet.


As I already mentioned, sisal is not liquid resistant, even a drop of liquid can damage it. Another disadvantage is that it is not softer to feel. ItCool Mohawk Commercial Carpet christoff u0026 sons floor gives a rough feeling, so it doesn’t provide a surface where you can sit or play.

Where to Install:

Keeping in mind the advantages and disadvantages, the best place to install sisal carpet is outdoors or high traffic areas and it should not be installed on places where there are too many kids or where the surface is wet most of the time.

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