Sofa cum bed

Sofa cum bed

In today’s world as the modernization took place the cities started growing and with this land became costly and people started living in smaller homes. This led to merging of the bedrooms and the living rooms and came into existence the sofa sleepers which provide you with both a bed and sofa at the same time and are a perfect option for customers who want two things at one time. So whenever you want multi utility furniture for your house remembers the sleeper sofa.

Types and Working:

These days after the sofa beds became popular the whole market is flooded with different type of these; there is much kind of types available in the market like Chair Sleeper which is a cot sized bed. Other than this the other popular type is Queen Sleeper.

Most of the sofa sleepers in the market contain the canvas bar mechanism which has been used for a long time without any kind of faults in the system. The basic being that beneath the seat are cushions which need to be unfolded to form a bed.Sofa Sleepers - 5


They are becoming quite popular these days especially in house of youngsters where they want to increase the style quotient without spending more money. Many places like rented accommodations, paying guests and hostels make use of this. Another benefit that a sleeper sofa has over any other ordinary sofa is that once you have guests coming for sleepover at the house you can simply convert the sofa into a bed.

In this way the same furniture that was earlier used to welcome them into the living room can be used to convert the living room into their bedroom for the night.

Other great way in which it can be used is that you concert it into a sofa for the day and all the work can be easily one done like using your laptop reading or working on laptop with a good support at your back and once its night time you can simply lie in the place you were working. How cool is that?


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