The catchy pillows

The catchy pillows

Bolster pillows are pillows that are used for decorative purposes. They are supposed to be such pillows which are long and thick in size. They are cylindrical in shape and are used for giving support to other pillows to present a comfortable and nice looking pillow stack. Bolster pillows are sort of unique as they have cylindrical shape. They are sometimes referred to as tube pillows, neck pillows or neck roll pillows, and are practical and decorative at the same time. Mixing up bolster pillows with other decorative and throw pillows gives a comforting and appealing look to your couches, beds and other furniture.


Bolster pillows come in different varieties and for different age groups as well. The children variety of bolster pillows contains microfibers. Microfibers are the type of fibers that are used in bean bags, but are smaller in comparison to them. They are available in different colors with different designs and textures. The outer fabric is made up of nylon or lycra. These pillows are perfect to use for putting you’re head on while sleeping, relaxing, watching your favorite movies or TV series and also for keeping your head a company while travelling in a car or a plane.

Add life to your couch:

Typically, our pillows are pretty much traditional and dull looking. They have the very same shapes and designs. But bolster pillows can add up life and colors to your stack of pillows. You can make your furniture look more appealing by using multi colored bolsters matching with your bed spreads or your couch.

Where to buy?

If you’re looking to buy bolster pillows, they are available at home décor shops but are not as widely available as other pillows. You can also find them online over the famous household web stores. The price starts from around $5 for the simple ones and goes all the way to $150-$200 for the branded ones. If you cannot find your desired bolster, you may make your own by rolling the foam sheet into your required thickness and covering it up with your desired fabric.

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