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The unique décor appeal of an upholstered headboard

The upholstered headboard is a great way of adding a different character to your bed. You will probably be thinking of investing in a modular bed unit from the furniture stores in your area. These are modern and contemporary designs that come with simplistic finishes for the headboards. However, if you wish to turn the headboard into a distinct design and add on functionality as well, you will surely love the upholstery options available.

Upholstery Options

There are ways of getting a customized headboard made for your bed. For instance, there are many furnishing makers who are into making of upholstered headboard. The upholstery that is provided on the headboard can be of fabric, leather or synthetic blends. These are heavier materials that are usually laid as a pattern or design on the headboard. Those who are into designing custom furnishing like upholstery for your living room, they will have the experience for headboard and footboard designs for your bed as well.Upholstered Headboard - 3

Tufted Designs


There is much popularity of the tufted upholstered headboard. This kind of a headboard is designed with stuffing inside, usually of dense foam and stitched centers are part of the headboard design. The tufted headboards have a classy look and feel and can come in different designs as well.

Get Design Inspirations Online

There are several types of headboard designs that one can look up online. Many headboard suppliers are there who offer customized solutions through online catalogs. That makes it easy for one to find a supplier for an upholstered headboard if they want one. All they need to do is look at the catalogs online and choose one. They need to specify the size of bed for which the customized headboard is required. Once the basic measurements and details are provided, the supplier will provide a quotation for the same. Once one is satisfied, they can place the order for the headboard design and the same, after completion, will land up at one’s doorstep. There are many local suppliers who also take order for headboard upholstery along with other kinds of furnishing requirements.


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