Tips on producing a stunning patchwork quilts

Tips on producing a stunning patchwork quilts

The processing of making patchwork quilts involves piecing quilt blocks together so as to come up with a specific design. Although, due to the technological advancements, as well as in the methods used in quilting, a person can just make a choice of how they want to best put the materials together. When a person is carrying out the patchwork exercise, it is important to be careful so as to come up with a good quality quilt. Making a single mistake in one of the blocks will force the person doing the quilting to repeat in the others. To ensure that no mistake is done, consider making a sample block, and then proceed by measuring it. This will ease the process of finding out where the errors came from.

Hand Piecing

With hand piecing, you will produce handmade patchwork quilts. Such quilts always get lost in instances where people produce quilts with the help of machines. With hand piecing, you will be required to sit somewhere and pin the quilt blocks together. You will then have to sew the blocks together, making sure that you are doing the sewing on each at a time. The process might involve a lot of time than other methods, although you will truly appreciate and treasure the finished product.

Machine Piecing

Machine piecing gives you an opportunity to produce patchwork quilts easily and quickly. In this process, you will produce quilts that stay together, despite the number of times that you will wash it. The process of quilting with a machine might be involved as you start, and the quilts produced might be not great enough like the ones produced by hand quilting. But, you shouldn’t give hope, with time, you will be making great quality quilts that will look as good as the ones produced by hands.


Your method of choice when making the patchwork quilts highly depends with what type of person you are. If you are patient, and can spend weeks or months to produce awesome quilts, then you should consider the hand piecing method. Although, if you don’t have time to wait and come up with something great, then you can consider machine quilting.

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