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Simple knit scarf pattern for beginners

Scarves are one of the basic items that every new knitter starts with. Most beginner projects are scarves, because they are easy to make and require less intricate details, and the measurement is not so strict either. You can try new designs very easily by first making a scarf with the pattern.

Knitted scarf pattern

Cables are very popular designs in many knitted projects, from sweaters and hats to shawls and scarves. For this project you will need the casting technique, the cable needle to make the cable seam and knitted stitches. You can make the cable pattern on one side of the scarf for a start and then over time be able to create cables on both sides of the scarf. Tutorials are available online.

Seed Stitch Knitted scarf pattern

The seed fabric pattern basically consists of simple knits and butterflies, which alternate horizontally and vertically. An even number of stitches is needed for the seed stitch. You will usually need to switch between knitting and purling throughout the project. The beads will look like bumps when the project is complete. The good thing is that this pattern is reversible.

Block and tackle knitted scarf pattern

The block and tack pattern gives a two-color scarf. You can use slipped stitches in the beginning to make it easier for you to coordinate the colors.

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